Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adoption of Annabelle

Today we started a blog to document the adoption of Annabelle from China.

We were called on Saturday March 28th at 7:22 AM from Lauren at America World telling us they had a referral for us, Gong Ya Li. We accepted the referral and started the process of adopting her.
She was born June 11, 2007.
She is in the Waiting Children program. She has a type III cleft lip and palate. Everything else about this beatiful child is fine!! We are very excited!!
Yesterday on April 8th we received our PA (pre-approval) from the China Center for Adoption Affairs! Next step is the RA (referral approval) which should be in about 1-3 months from now.


  1. Please bring home my new niece pronto!!!

  2. You two are the best parents--bring home more! xoxolesley