Thursday, April 16, 2009

Annabelle’s Room – update

This is how far we are now after 2 days of working on the wood floor.

004 It’s a little hard to see with the tools and stuff in the way but, we are progressing.006

We already have a bunch of clothes for her.  We have had years to purchase things, here and there.


We have blankets, furniture, etc.

Rebecca fixed up the crib we purchased a little while ago at a garage sale.  Touch-up, re-painted, etc.


Of course Dougie likes the crib as well!!



  1. lol, it figures that douglas would think that he's the, extreme excitement, the adoption is actually happening!

  2. You are the best! Anabelle will flourish with your love and care...xoxograndmalesley

  3. Dougie is like your child too :-P

  4. I am excited to meet this sweet little girl who has been in-waiting for so many years. What a beautiful story you will have to share with her. You three are in my prayers as you eagerly await Anabelle's arrival.