Saturday, July 11, 2009

Annabelle’s Baby Shower on 06-27-2009

We had a wonderful shower.  So many of our family and friends showed up.

We played two games.  One called “Feed the baby” and the other “Pin the Family on the Orphanage”.  Everyone had a great time.

Annabelles' baby shower 008

Our friend Susie won the “Feed the baby” game with 16 cookies!  Go Susie! 

Annabelles' baby shower 078

Rebecca’s sister, Sarah won the “Pin the Family on the Orphanage”.

Annabelles' baby shower 065

With lots of help we provided yummy food.  Homemade everything !  Fried wontons, chicken and veggies with rice AND vanilla cake with pink frosting.

Annabelles' baby shower 037

Annabelle received so many great gifts.  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!

Annabelles' baby shower 066 

We set out a picture of Annabelle Yali, we wanted everyone to see her.

We are still hoping to go pick her up in China by the end of July.

Annabelles' baby shower 034

Thank you again to everyone!!  We are so blessed to have so many people helping us through this LONG adoption process.


  1. Probably the best shower I have ever been to! Everything was so well done, and so lovingly prepared. Yes, we love homemade! xoxoGrandma Lesley

  2. That was a VERY fun and well themed shower. You did such a great job with planning the food, games, etc. It only makes me imagine what fun awaits us when she arrives here. I can already imagine her first US birthday party. She is blessed to have such a fun loving Godly family.