Friday, October 30, 2009

Annabelle’s Surgery on 10-29-2009

Annabelle had her cleft lip and palate repair surgery on Thursday 10-29-2009 at 1:05 PM.  The surgery was delayed almost three hours because of an emergency that took the room.  Poor baby, the last time she had food was the prior night at 9 PM.

She was done with the surgery and off to the recovery room at 4:45 PM.  The surgeon stated she was very happy with the results.  It was really scary seeing her right out of recovery.  It was a LONG night for Annabelle and daddy.  She kept waking up crying.  She was probably in a little pain but also uncomfortable with the arm braces (they keep her from picking at her stitches), the sourness in her throat from the tubing during surgery and the odd feeling of her new mouth.  Daddy stayed with her last night and she looks much better this morning.  She is eating from her bottle already and doing well.  She may even be able to come home today if she keeps getting better.  We will know for sure when the doctor checks on her tonight.

We will try to post updates to her progress as we can.

Thank you all for your prayers and kind words!

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  1. awwww...i remember the empty stomache and sore throat feeling i had when i had surgery :( poor babe, glad to hear she's doin good though!